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Transcultural Carpet Blue is a concept developed by Aline Rutily, visual artist. It is a work in constant progress that juxtaposes, without hierarchy, different views on "blue" photographed in Europe, building relationships between cultures and generations: tiles, mosaics, clothing, paintings, stained glass, writing, ceramics, enamels, paintings, textiles, landscapes provide a multitude of blue flowing through space as a continuum and infinite light.

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Transcultural Carpet Blue is built on the model of works, that Aline Rutily entitled "Carpet Gardens". At each installation the blue becomes carpet, that grows by new creations ; these creations are often made by participants of courses and meetings organized in Europe by the artist. The extension of this belt is horizontal: it is the axis of the transcultural dialogue and of our travels on the surface of the Earth. The location of each square is not fixed, but varies in each installation; chance juxtapositions are just like the encounters between Europeans from diverse backgrounds, building links sometimes ephemeral, but most durable.

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Transcultural Carpet Blue is installed in ever changing environments, but significant in the host country:
- Portugal, in the gardens of Estoi Palace and Fronteira Palace in Lisbon (2010 Autumn),
- Italy, in the garden of Academy of Fine Arts in Ravenna (2010 Autumn),
- Romania, before the frescoes of the monastery of Sucevita, and in the International Cultural Centre George Apostu in Bacau (2011 Spring),
- France, in the International Garden Festival of Chaumont-sur-Loire (2009 Summer), on the floor of Saint-Louis Chapel in Saint-Germain-en-Laye castel, Museum of National Antiquities and National Domain of Saint-Germain-en-Laye (2011 Summer)...

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JPEG - 200.4 kb is a virtual work designed by Aline Rutily and Jean Soulier.
ICB is an invitation to transcultural dialogue, without limit, either in time or in space. A Blue book accompanies the work: it is constructed of a weaving of words, a huge transcultural inventory to speak in blue, by users in all their languages ...

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- Explore the Transcultural Carpet Blue : By pressing the arrow vertically or horizontally, it is possible to move through the various blues of the Planetery Blue Carpet, and look at the different effects produced by their juxtaposition. A zoom function allows to observe the details of each square of blue.

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- Participate in the Transcultural Carpet Blue:
Big or small, in class or family, alone or with others, you can participate in the Transcultural Carpet blue, planting your "blue square" in this garden! Choose a blue image: a photograph of drawing, painting, mosaic, fabric, light, ink, plant, clothing, butterfly, bird ...
Give the image dimensions of a square, by cropping the image using an appropriate software. There are many, some are free. Warning! The image must be able to support the expansion. Shall be between 500 and 800 pixels from the side. A title in his image will be among the others.

- Participate in the Transcultural Blue Book :
Carpet is made up of words that cross and weave in all languages. Exercise your pen and compose a list of words by searching in palettes of painters, in paint boxes, in tissue samples, in names of precious stones or flowers, in poetry, in literature...

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